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LJMU Project

We recently had a fantastic afternoon engaging with third sector and legal organisations across Liverpool at our Exceptional Case Funding Clinic information event held at the LJMU Redmond Building. Our trainee solicitor and Justice First Fellow Samantha Maher and LJMU’s Dr Michelle Waite led a very informative sessions about the vitally important work that ourselves and LJM Legal Advice Centre are about to embark upon with the clinic. They spoke about what we are offering through the ECF Clinic, the kinds of cases we can take, what may make a case suitable for ECF, and how to refer cases to us.

Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) is the type of legal aid that must be made available where there is a possibility that an individual’s human rights may be breached as they are unable to access legal advice or representation for several reasons. For many common legal problems, including most welfare benefits and family law cases, ECF is the only way in which an individual can access publicly funded legal support. The application process for this type of legal aid is lengthy and complex and as a result very few applications, outside of immigration law, are being made.

Therefore, LJMU Legal Advice Centre in conjunction with Merseyside Law Centre are now helping with making these applications in appropriate cases. We know from experience that there is a real societal need for this service and we hope to create positive change for our clients with this new venture.

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