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We provide free legal advice and representation
across the Liverpool City Region for housing, welfare benefits and immigration
& asylum.
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Our drop-in advice clinics are wheelchair accessible
Our Impact Highlights 2023
MLC Infographic of impact in 2023. £545,142 in financial gains for our clients. We attended 21 Tribunals. 1802 total cases and enquiries. 3186 hours spent on client cases.
I will never forget Janet’s patience as I spiralled into anxiety and panic. Her complete dedication to gaining the right information and her confidence mixed with compassion. Amazing woman, wonderful result. 
All I can say is a massive THANKYOU to MLC and specifically Mrs Coe who went the extra mile for us in our housing issue and gave us the time that nobody else did. We will never forget to appreciate all the hard work and honesty at last minute notice. Great people. Great service. Keep helping those in need!
What you do is vital to our communities!!

It has been amazing to be able to speak to someone face to face about my problems, everywhere else seems to be online only. Thank you Donna and Merseyside Law Centre!

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