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We operate face to face advice drop in sessions in our Dovecot office and you can access our specialist services via these. If your enquiry falls within our remit, please come along. We are at The Dovecot Mac from 10am until 12pm every Monday and Thursday.

If you are unable to attend a drop in session, please fill in an online enquiry form which can be found on this website. 
We also cover the Housing Duty Possession scheme in both Liverpool & Birkenhead 
This scheme is very much an emergency service for defendant’s who haven’t been able to obtain legal advice before their Court hearing. We can assist tenants and borrowers who have rent arrears and mortgage arrears, and in proceedings for anti-social behaviour.
We are at Liverpool court on Wednesday & Fridays and alternate Tuesdays for Birkenhead. For more information, please get in touch. 

Emergency advice and representation at court for housing possession cases 

Eviction and possession proceedings (from your rented home), including notices served by your landlord


Succession for tenants if there is threat of losing your home ie when the person you live with has died

Unlawful eviction or harrassment

Rented home in such poor condition that it’s affecting

your health (disrepair)


We can help with

Housing issues if you are a



Buying and selling property

Wills and probate

Housing transfers

Neighbour disputes

Boundary issues

Deposit Schemes

We can't help with

If we are unable to help and your issue is listed in the red box you may need to

contact the following organisations;


0808 800 4444

Liverpool Student Homes Housing Rights Advice Service

07970 247 209   

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