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That's a big weight lifted off my mind, I'm so glad I came here today. 
Tracy you are amazing, a lovely person. You have no idea how much you have helped me because I can tell you care and it comes from the heart.
You've been brilliant Donna, where would we be without you!?
Merseyside Law Centre, huge thanks for the advice given last year. My daughter had her PIP tribunal last week & went from 0 points to 14! Your guidance was so valuable, highly recommend your service.
Thank you for speaking to me and for the valuable information, I haven't been able to get this anywhere else!
I finally believe that someone out there actually cares after coming to Merseyside Law Centre. Thank you so much!
I'm made up I came here, this extra PIP money makes a big difference.
It's quite a huge relief as I was really worried about losing my flat. You've been a great help. I really cannot appreciate enough, your help and your time. Thank you ever so much. 
Good luck and thank you Pat, it's wonderful the work you do.
Client Impact Stories
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