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****We are not currently taking on any new immigration or asylum cases due to high demand for our services. ****

Please complete as many questions as possible. Without a clear idea of what your issue is, it will prove difficult for us to provide the service you require.

Please also note that we can only assist you if you are a Merseyside resident

Merseyside Law Centre’s services are supported through donations and grants. Some of the of the trusts, foundations and organisations that fund our services (including the service we are currently providing to you) ask us to report to them how we have used their money. They also ask us to undertake equalities monitoring and to provide anonymised information about who benefits from their funding. For this reason, we ask for information. We call this “Monitoring Information.” We keep this information secure and confidential and we only ever use it for statistical and monitoring purposes. Where we disclose it to the funder we do so anonymously. We never disclose information about your case or you personally.In order to deal with your enquiry, we will record this information along with your personal details and details relating to your enquiry, and these will be retained for a period. For details of our privacy policy please ask an adviser or see our website.

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DDue to volume and capacity, we are unable to respond to all enquiries received. Where we cannot help, we will be unable to respond. You will hear back from us within 5 working days if we are able to help. If we are unable to assist, please check our website for details of other organisations who may be of assistance. 

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*** Please note we will not open attachments unless we have requested these***

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