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Welfare & Benefits Support Feedback

Have we given you welfare and benefits advice? 
Your feedback is very important to us. Please complete the fields below.
Do you remember getting help and advice from Merseyside Law Centre recently?
Has your understanding of your rights improved as a result of our advice?
If the issue was causing you stress before, do you feel less stressed now it’s resolved?
If the stress from the issue affected your health, sleep or emotional wellbeing, have those improved at all now the issue is resolved?
Have there been any changes for the better in your life resulting from our advice and support?
If MLC helped you get more benefits, do you feel better about your level of household income now?
Do you feel more confident about managing your money and bills now?
If you had a similar issue in the future, would you come back to us for advice as soon as it started to prevent it turning into a crisis?
Do you feel more able to tackle life’s challenges and plan for the future now?
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